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The glow plugs were indeed not working properly and the battery was, indeed, dead. The mechanics of Leamington (including the much hailed “returning tomorrow” of the previous post) had fought and fallen before the Beast, at times (I can only … Continue reading

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I don’t believe in luck. I prefer to savour the good times, and bank them in the ISA of good feelings for a rainy day. Lately there have been a fair few rainy days, and they have been making regular … Continue reading

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Garlic Supernova

Take a box of baby tomatoes, give them to Barny and let him chef at them for a few hours in a low oven. The resulting slow roasted garlic tomatoes are a thing of such exquisite beauty that for a … Continue reading

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Food for thoughts

A recent survey has shown brownie, cooked to Barny’s Mum’s recipe and served in a styrofoam cup, to be the worlds most successful snack from a van. I know this because last night we had a bunch of friends round, … Continue reading

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Curiosity Killed the Radio Star

It’s official, I am now a managing director of a company that will one day be very sucessful, will probably rescue puppies from burning buildings and is almost certainly carbon neutral. I was under the impression that setting up a … Continue reading

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