I don’t believe in luck. I prefer to savour the good times, and bank them in the ISA of good feelings for a rainy day. Lately there have been a fair few rainy days, and they have been making regular withdrawals, but I’m still determined to save.

DEBIT: The van has been fighting all attempts at working, still sits in our driveway pretending its primary purpose is to provide shelter for the local cats.
CREDIT: Tomorrow possibly the only person in Leamington able to fix it returns from holiday.

DEBIT: Earlier on Gogo, Barny’s Toyota MR2, decided not to start. Perhaps she was feeling neglected after we took Stevo the Stilo up north over the weekend (saw Penguin Cafe, was pretty good). Whatever the reason – nothing turned over, just a few forlorn beeps from the immobilizer.
CREDIT: Jump leads! Supposedly unreliable Italian cars to the rescue as Stevo saves the day.

DEBIT: Yesterday we went to see a mortgage advisor, and discovered that being on contract employment means that you scare bankers, as presumably you are only moments away from evapourating in a cloud of bad debt.
CREDIT: Today we were offered a mortgage.

About Jabberwocky Soliloquy

The Jabberwocky drifts through space, collecting the most tasty things to eat. It brings them home and cooks them, humming about deliberate omissions and fortifying colours. As with all things it is, or should be, just happy to be here.
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1 Response to Moodbanking

  1. Gwyn says:

    Yay, that’s awesome! Not the whole cars breaking down and van still not working part. The mortgage one.

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