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Somewhere between real life and the virtual world there lies the Jabberwocky. Captured in pictures and held fast by words it is arbitrarily defined as the Beast. To think, though, it would take only the slightest of tweaks, the gentlest … Continue reading

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The Infinite To Do List (otherwise known as do-you-Swindoo?)

I’m sure everyone has one, a vague collection of plans and dates that you will tackle when you have a moment. I have one that I am gradually working my way through, adding to it more often than I cross … Continue reading

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Malicious Paperwork

We have taken some small, tentative steps towards becoming a legitimate business. I have submitted the license application to Warwick District Council to register the dear Jabberwocky as a real life food business. Hopefully the WDC will give the project … Continue reading

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Photo Editing in Real Life

Yesterday was a glorious day in the chronicles of the Jabberwocky. The kind of day which, if we were in a musical, would have been a song. If we had been starring in an 80s film, it would have been … Continue reading

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A Practical Guide to doing Everything at Once

Step one: Panic. Step two: Worry about the merits of step one. Step three: Pace the living room. Approx 20 laps. Step four: Tea. Step five: Get some fresh air. Step six: Repeat steps one to three. Step seven: Do … Continue reading

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