Dear Prospective Host

In this world there is much to be enjoyed, and savoured, and shared with loved ones. The smell of the air after a thunderstorm, the feeling of coming home after a long absence and the taste of a food that delights the soul. A simple joy of life is all we can hope to take from this world, and surely the greatest joy is achieved by giving happiness to others.

The Jabberwocky is the start of something bigger. In the grand scheme of things, where the exchange of goods is paramount for the survival of the species, it represents a new flavour. In a world where it is easy to become accustomed to the cycle of acquisition, use and disposal it is a growling fiend in the monotonous chain of non-cuisine. It is wrenching free of the trend and striking out towards a bold new meal.

In this place there will be no Fast-Food. The degradation will be reversed and taste will be restored, one person at a time. It would be to easy to say the change could happen over night. It would be presumptuous to assume it will happen at all. It might be blissfully futile to even attempt. But humans have so much more potential than junk food and plastic dinners. We did not learn poetry, song and reason to spend our lives shackled to the microwave, waiting for the command to consume.

We are the new stream into stagnant waters, bearing fresh life and a grand design for things to come. It happens that you may constantly be confronted by food on wheels, offering mechanically reclaimed oblivion or grease-ridden despair, but occasionally you are presented with a chance to seize change. So be the one to start the revolution. Win or fail, it began with you, taking that chance and giving the world an opportunity to choose.

Do it now, call us back and let us cater for Alf’s Car Boot on 4.7.2011.

Thank you.

About Jabberwocky Soliloquy

The Jabberwocky drifts through space, collecting the most tasty things to eat. It brings them home and cooks them, humming about deliberate omissions and fortifying colours. As with all things it is, or should be, just happy to be here.
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