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Chicken Something or Other

We have been missing a key ingredient in the Jabberwocky project thus far. I have been keeping you informed on the life and times of the Beast and the many guises in which van-based love can be expressed, but despite … Continue reading

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Being Excited about Stickers

The last time I remember being this excited about stickers was when my friend and I swore to collect every single one in the generic-horse-riding-stickers-specifically-targeted-at-11-year-old’s-pocket-money collection. It is my firm belief to this day that sticker numbers 34 and 18 … Continue reading

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Music, Mixed blessings and the M6

Music: Wounded Rhymes by Lykke Li We finally found a cooker for the Beast. It was within our price range and would fit the space in the van. It was also in Winsford. I had therefore decided to fix the … Continue reading

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Not an Arts and Crafts Project

As I am currently in the freestyle sector of employment I find myself blessed with much additional time for helping the Jabberwocky achieve its potential. So far this has encompassed hours of outstanding applications, paperwork and even an attempt at … Continue reading

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Let there be light

It is a curious fact that the wiring within the van is one of the lesser known wonders of the world. Over the last quarter of a century many minds have set to work adding a little something here and … Continue reading

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