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Being on the Radio, Darling

This, of course, makes one famous and requires that one is referred to as “your highness” or “yes, shut up about it now”. In short, one is now far too famous for the frivolous activities of the mortal world and … Continue reading

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Foraging for Jam

On Monday, largely because the weather did not appear to be getting any better, we decided to make the most of grey skies over Leamington and go foraging. Within the foraging community there is an unwritten code of secrecy regarding … Continue reading

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A Master Class in Cooking on Gas

There are several, perhaps even many problems with cooking on gas. For a start, it tends to catch fire. This is, of course, the idea behind using it in the first place, but it does make people rather wary of … Continue reading

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Leamington Spa Food Festival 2011

Oh frabjous day, what a Wednesday to be alive! As you may have guessed from the title, we have our first confirmed event, and as befits a Beast of Leamington it is the food festival right here in town. The … Continue reading

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