Free Redirect Service

WordPress calls its customer services employees happiness engineers.

Speaking as someone who has worked in a variety of different customer services roles over the years, I can’t say I have ever met someone in front line support who would willingly submit to the term happiness engineer. In fact I would go so far as to say that they are some of the most bitter, cynical and sarcastic people I have even met. Just not with customers. You have to have an outlet for dealing with someone who is shouting at you, telling you how wrong you are and (on occasion) getting their wife to call back and demand to know why you think her husband is such an idiot.

The WordPress Family, as I expect they are probably referred to, charge $119 dollars to migrate your blog from WordPress to a home with one of their bedfellows with the aid of one such happiness engineer. You can then pay a further $12 annually to have all your links redirected as well. The blog, as you may have noticed, has already taken up residence behind the website, with the invaluable aid of @tallwebguy, and althought the $12 would not kill the Jabberwocky financially, I have an excellent temporary alternative that will save one unnecessarily titled person the trouble.

This free redirect service will take you to the new home of the soliloquy. Henceforth posts probably won’t appear on here any more, or only when I forget and log into the wrong site. You are still very welcome to come in and look around, but if are tempted to link to a post, please use links from the new site.

The reasoning for this is all about SEO and google and page ranks. Disliking it doesn’t make it go away. I tried that.

To use the free redirect service, please click on this breathtakingly unrelated picture of Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire.

Thanks for reading the soliloquy. You were what made it worthwhile. Otherwise it would have just been me, and the computer, approximately 125 cups of tea and occasionally a large bag of jelly beans.

About Jabberwocky Soliloquy

The Jabberwocky drifts through space, collecting the most tasty things to eat. It brings them home and cooks them, humming about deliberate omissions and fortifying colours. As with all things it is, or should be, just happy to be here.
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