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The Infinite To Do List (otherwise known as do-you-Swindoo?)

I’m sure everyone has one, a vague collection of plans and dates that you will tackle when you have a moment. I have one that I am gradually working my way through, adding to it more often than I cross … Continue reading

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A Practical Guide to doing Everything at Once

Step one: Panic. Step two: Worry about the merits of step one. Step three: Pace the living room. Approx 20 laps. Step four: Tea. Step five: Get some fresh air. Step six: Repeat steps one to three. Step seven: Do … Continue reading

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The Golden Bin

This week I discovered what gazumping is and why one must fear it. We have, you see, embarked on the slow and arduous process of getting a foot onto the very lowest rung of the property ladder. The offer I … Continue reading

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Jabberwocky HQ

We have spent the last few days in the throws of one of life’s most celebrated torments: Househunting. A process that makes a roller-coaster of emotions look like a carousel of indifference. It started when we found Westlea Road. The … Continue reading

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