Let us do a waltz, and I will tell you about independent food. Strike up the band (an excellent choice of music by the way) and we will do the rather old fashioned and elegant twizzling as if I had the grace and posture to match yours. Food is more than just a business, if you ask my humble opinion. Money and a job are all well and good, but food is something at the heart of humanity, and should be treated with respect.
By respect I mean not buying every single thing you can from the wholesalers, reducing your cooking into microwave and oven . I mean using skill to make the disk look as good as it tastes rather than following someone else’s picture. I mean directly sharing your culinary heart and soul with anyone who wants a piece, rather than cooking stuff because Jamie did it.
I confess I very occasionally have a tendency to slither slightly towards the over dramatic, and perhaps I was humming something righteous and noble while I wrote this, but that in no way detracts from my sentiment. So with Jabberwockys whirling around us and the music building to a crescendo you surely have to accept that you will never get quite the same experience of taste in a chain, run by anyone, for the highest bidder, than you will from something unique and eccentric and possibly ever so slightly strange.


My point is that chain food is fine. Chain service is fine. Chain atmosphere is fine. Chain policies are sometimes a little disturbing if you are blessed with too much cynicism, but they are, I suppose, fine. It therefore gives me a smile to think that one day, we will achieve something the chains can never do.

We will be great.

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