Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

A picture Barny took of the Leamington SkylineSome Romans once decided that Leamington was the centre of the country. They planted an oak tree there and errected a contrete plaque to commemorate the fact, only later discovering that the required building materials had yet to be invented. Without this majestic, off-grey memento mori, the roundabout on the A445 betwenn Lillington road and Lillington Ave would be nothing more than an intersetion. So thanks, Romans; considering you didn’t have satelites, you still pretty much nailed it.

We have lived in Leamington for 5 years, it being, as the Romans so neatly deduced back in the day, nicely in the middle of the North and the South. It also has a thoroughly beautiful town centre and some exceedingly nice residents. We like it here, and this is where the Jabberwocky roams free, scaring cats and wooing foodies.

What I like most about Leamington though, is that it is all about the food. Wander up Parade in the middle of town (bypassing the usual suspects who can afford the rent there and are all about being fine) and turn off onto almost any side road, you will find all kinds of restaurants and cafés. As I currently can’t share my own restaurant with you, here are a few of Barny and my favourites:

Oscar’s French Bistro
The Basement
Fat Birds Café
La Coppola
Restaurant 23

These are our tried-and-tested favourites in town, but there are dozens of others we have only had the chance to visit once or twice, and will be returning to soon, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. More of a relaxed archive or a laid-back index.

It’s possible you noticed that I put our location in the title and repeated Leamington perhaps more often than was strictly necessary in the text: I can only explain it as a cunning attempt to associate us with the area we live in, but well played, dear reader, well played indeed.

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