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Music, Mixed blessings and the M6

Music: Wounded Rhymes by Lykke Li We finally found a cooker for the Beast. It was within our price range and would fit the space in the van. It was also in Winsford. I had therefore decided to fix the … Continue reading

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Van Fail

As the title suggests, we are having a few tiny hiccups in relation to the van. Before I begin I would like to say, in its defence, that it was proper cold this morning. MOT day, the day of reckoning … Continue reading

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The Voyage into 4th Gear.

It has been, shall we say, something of a journey already. I’m not talking about the jazz-hands, don’t-stop-believing kind of journey either. I’m talking about the long hard this-will-get-funny-soon-it’s-so-ridiculous kind. Allow your mind to drift back to Sunday. It was … Continue reading

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Wanted: Vast sums of Money with no questions asked

The sad fact is that even if I make a heartfelt plea on the t’interweb about how much the world would be improved by the incorporation, founding and subsequent grand opening of the Jabberwocky, it is unlikely to start raining … Continue reading

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I’m delving into web design. Not the kind where you manage to get Facebook to work, but the grand, .html type of web design that is coded and mystical and altogether repetitive but rather fantastic. For the first time I … Continue reading

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