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Leamington Spa Food Festival 2011

Oh frabjous day, what a Wednesday to be alive! As you may have guessed from the title, we have our first confirmed event, and as befits a Beast of Leamington it is the food festival right here in town. The … Continue reading

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Looking after your Environmental Health

In the midst of the house move, with my sleep cycle terribly confused from the day job and the tea-o-meter showing dangerously low levels, my phone rang. It informed me that the Environmental Health Department of the District Council wished … Continue reading

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Malicious Paperwork

We have taken some small, tentative steps towards becoming a legitimate business. I have submitted the license application to Warwick District Council to register the dear Jabberwocky as a real life food business. Hopefully the WDC will give the project … Continue reading

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The Next Step

The miraculous news is still settling in. I assume that at some point in the next few days I will unexpectedly begin leaping around and singing. Behold, the Beast, now certifiably road legal! I think that much of my excitement … Continue reading

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Curiosity Killed the Radio Star

It’s official, I am now a managing director of a company that will one day be very sucessful, will probably rescue puppies from burning buildings and is almost certainly carbon neutral. I was under the impression that setting up a … Continue reading

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Of cleaning and counting

Once more into the fray we dive, to be bemused and delighted by our newest acquisition. Once more do we throw open the doors and delight at what lies beyond. Nuf said. We devoted an entire day to the cleaning … Continue reading

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The Voyage into 4th Gear.

It has been, shall we say, something of a journey already. I’m not talking about the jazz-hands, don’t-stop-believing kind of journey either. I’m talking about the long hard this-will-get-funny-soon-it’s-so-ridiculous kind. Allow your mind to drift back to Sunday. It was … Continue reading

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