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Leamington Spa Food Festival 2011

Oh frabjous day, what a Wednesday to be alive! As you may have guessed from the title, we have our first confirmed event, and as befits a Beast of Leamington it is the food festival right here in town. The … Continue reading

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Curiosity Killed the Radio Star

It’s official, I am now a managing director of a company that will one day be very sucessful, will probably rescue puppies from burning buildings and is almost certainly carbon neutral. I was under the impression that setting up a … Continue reading

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Christmas, the dark abyss of introspection

It was, in all fairness, a very long Christmas day with very little actual sleep, but as that day staggered, bloated and full, to its natural conclusion I couldn’t help but start the annual stock-take. Apparently the average calorie consumption … Continue reading

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