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Free Redirect Service

WordPress calls its customer services employees happiness engineers. Speaking as someone who has worked in a variety of different customer services roles over the years, I can’t say I have ever met someone in front line support who would willingly … Continue reading

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Release the Hounds

Yesterday I wrote a press release. It’s something I have been meaning to do for a while, but then thing happened, as usual, and I forgot. Most recently the hedgehog, but it’s not his fault, poor little dude was just … Continue reading

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Hot Water Doesn’t Grow On Trees

An interesting fact, which makes food festivals up to 5% more entertaining, is that our local environmental health authority requires every outlet selling hot food, regardless of where or how they do so, to have two separate sinks and a … Continue reading

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A Practical Guide to doing Everything at Once

Step one: Panic. Step two: Worry about the merits of step one. Step three: Pace the living room. Approx 20 laps. Step four: Tea. Step five: Get some fresh air. Step six: Repeat steps one to three. Step seven: Do … Continue reading

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The Pipe, the Beast and the Earley Café

If you could measure progress in the exciting new currency of golden bins, yesterday would have been a 5 out of 5. Not that the currency matters, I’m just trying to tie in a theme, and if you had seen … Continue reading

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The glow plugs were indeed not working properly and the battery was, indeed, dead. The mechanics of Leamington (including the much hailed “returning tomorrow” of the previous post) had fought and fallen before the Beast, at times (I can only … Continue reading

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Of cleaning and counting

Once more into the fray we dive, to be bemused and delighted by our newest acquisition. Once more do we throw open the doors and delight at what lies beyond. Nuf said. We devoted an entire day to the cleaning … Continue reading

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