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Somewhere between real life and the virtual world there lies the Jabberwocky. Captured in pictures and held fast by words it is arbitrarily defined as the Beast. To think, though, it would take only the slightest of tweaks, the gentlest … Continue reading

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A Practical Guide to doing Everything at Once

Step one: Panic. Step two: Worry about the merits of step one. Step three: Pace the living room. Approx 20 laps. Step four: Tea. Step five: Get some fresh air. Step six: Repeat steps one to three. Step seven: Do … Continue reading

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Live, crude and probably best avoided.

…but I’m secretly actually rather proud of it. Come to think of it, that would be an absolutely foul way of describing child birth. With that delightful mental image I would like to announce that http://thejabberwocky.co.uk is finally there for … Continue reading

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I’m delving into web design. Not the kind where you manage to get Facebook to work, but the grand, .html type of web design that is coded and mystical and altogether repetitive but rather fantastic. For the first time I … Continue reading

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