An Explaination

The cosy table by the window, we will get there some day.

This blog tells the true story of the creation of a business. The things narrated here do actually happen and, if you are one of our cherished regular readers, the story is unfolding before you as we speak. I can’t guarantee success; to be honest I can’t even guarantee that it will be worth your time, but I sincerely hope it is.

The business in question is the creation of an independent catering company in the rather lovely town of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Whether it manifests itself as a catering van, restaurant, hotel, all or none of the above remains to be seen, and is the subject matter of all you read henceforth. In writing this account I hope to close the gap between us – a business – and you – the potential customer – so that hopefully we can frolic together in the bountiful fields of mutual understanding.

To that end I would like to introduce the protagonists: Conceptual artist behind the entire project is Barny; chef, chemist and musician. He’s the one who can cook. My name is Flic; I run the front of house and web-based forays into narrative and design. Together we make a formidable team of indecision, dithering and partial nudity. Occasionally, however, we mange to make things happen, like in January 2011, when we bought the VW van, and took our first step towards culinary independance.

The plan is to take Barny’s food-based wizardry and my relentless optimism and to create something interesting, delicious and every so slightly eccentric. We will then serve it to an eager public who in turn will be delighted and mildly bemused. This will lead them to update their various social portals with witty comments, and more people will feel compelled to find out how good our provender is. We will find ourselves the center of a taste revolution as ordinary folk rise up against fast food chains and ready-meals alike. There will be street parties and epic battles and the occasional incident of partial nudity.

So this is me, wishing you luck for the imminent uprising and hoping for a little in return. Perhaps, one day when the dust has settled and we meet in person, it will be of an evening at our business and I can offer you the cosy table by the window.

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