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The Struggles of the Moderately Wealthy

Friday 26/08/2011 19:50 I am travelling down to Plymouth for Barny’s brother’s wedding. Due to some scheduling inconsistencies that could not possibly be blamed on me, I was catching the train on my own rather than driving down with Barny, … Continue reading

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As previously hailed this post is all about the tasting. We shall see where the winding progress of the narrative takes us, because it is notoriously fickle, but I will try and keep it on the subject of food. Our … Continue reading

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Part Deux

Friends, Romans, countrymen. Doctors, IT consultants and gardeners. Ornithologists, philatelists and train-spotters. Miscreants, vagabonds and people called Rupert, it is time. I only wish we could have done more. Let me begin, therefore, with an apology for not having more … Continue reading

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Bottle Green

In the world of fabric things are done differently to the solid, mechanical world of automotive paint. I will say this in their favour though, they are not nearly as flowery and new-age as wall paint. The Beast, long may … Continue reading

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